Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March Favorites

Hello! These are my March favorites! I've been reaching for these products all this month, and have been enjoying them all. Hope you likey!

My eyebrow products, but my fave for March is the WetnWild brow/eye pencil in taupe. It's waxy and I use it as a base for my brows.

E.L.F clarifying pressed powder in Honey. Layer this under my MAC studio fix powder to match my skin.

NYX HD high def eye shadow base. I enjoy the consistency and staying power of shadow's put on top of it.

Revlon Colorstay mineralized blush in Roseberry. Nice flush of color and has golden shimmer.

Lush Maple Taffy lip balm. Smells sweet like syrup, keeps my lips moisturized for a couple hours.

Coral Colours bronzer in Winter. I use this on the backs of my cheekbones to add a golden glow.

Lush Coconut deodorant. I love the sweet & nutty smell of this powder. I use it on my arms over lotion.

Hope you liked my March favorites, and I absolutely recommend for all of you to try these products out. Have a happy April!

xoxo, kim

Friday, March 11, 2011

LUSH Giveaway!

So I am doing a LUSH giveaway on my YouTube channel! Theses products are from the 2010 Winter collection and most of them are limited edition and very difficult to get now. If any of you want to enter, please visit my channel and subscribe!

Rules are simple:
1. You must be a subscriber of mine
2. Ages 18 and older. (I will need parental consent for anyone under 18)
3. U.S residents only

What I want is for you to comment the giveaway video telling me what your lucky charm is!

Have fun with this guys and good luck to everyone!

Tsunami Warning

The 8.9 earthquake in Japan that happened about three hours ago led to a tsunami warning for the state of Hawaii right now (10:56pm) and it is scheduled to come around 3am. Should I blow up my floaties just in case? lol. Lucky thing is I live pretty high up and hopefully (cross fingers) will not be in any danger zone. I am currently watching the news and seeing live feed and video from Japan and it is so unreal! It saddens me to see them go through all of these horrible things. On another note I'm definitely praying for everyone there and everyone who is/may be affected. A lot of other countries have possible tsunami warnings going on and my prayers are with my family in the Philippines, my cousin in Korea, and family here on Maui who are not with me. I hope that everything will be okay for everyone and no one else will be hurt by this. Take care everyone :)