Monday, September 27, 2010

Vakker Blomst Hairpiece!!

Ok so I know over a month ago I blogged about me entering and winning a contest. I've been meaning to make this post for a looonnnggg time and finally, here it is! lol.

Gabriella gave the head piece to me awhile back and I can honestly say I've never seen any head piece like this one! It's definitely not something I would personally wear on an everyday basis, but if you need to spice up your outfit this will do the trick!

There's lots of ways you can wear this headband. It had some crystal detailing on it, and the band had that rubber grip thing on it so it stays on the hair nicely. When I wear it I feel like I'm in the 60's, like one of those flapper girls. Maybe I should wear this for Halloween?

As I said in the last post, Vakker Blomst is a new upcoming accessory line here on Maui. Her pieces are sold at Solei Luna salon, and Ono Gelato in Lahaina and in Kihei. Visit her website here: She makes really nice pieces and they are ALL handmade. You can also check her line out on facebook:!/pages/Lahaina-HI/Vakker-Blomst-Beautiful-Flower/112223438825719?v=wall&ref=ts

thanks for your patience
xoxo, kim

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

meet my puppy!

Meet my puppy! She's about 2 months old now, and she is adorable! Her name is Zara (yes, like the store) and she is a pit bull shar pei mix. My little baby is pretty heavy, she's the biggest of her brother's and sister's! And she's super playful, and SUPER sleepy!

Zara lives at my boyfriends house but I get to have her at my house sometimes. I just had her with me last weekend and she cuddled with me while we slept. She definitely LOVES to nibble on toes, and I have a big stuffed monkey that she likes to chew up as well. Maybe I can get a video up on my channel: soon so you girls can see how cute she is!

Just thought I'd show my little monkey to you all!

xoxo, kim

Thursday, September 16, 2010

forever21, wetseal, rimmel & NYX! HAUL(aaa) like hollah? get it?

Watch my haul here!!
Watch my haul here!!!!

Some swatches of the products I bought. enjoyy :)

Rimmel Fix & Perfect face primer
-It is sort of orange at first, but blends in with your skin tone. Expect a review either here or on my YouTube channel

Rimmel blush in "pink sorbet"
-This blush DEFINITELY has a shimmery/satin finish. It's a midtone pink and beautiful on the cheeks or even as a highlight

Rimmel quad in "smokey blues"
-A mix of silvers and midtone blues. They all have a satin finish to them, so I personally wouldn't use the highlight color, that would be too much for me. I'm totally excited to do a look with this quad.

Rimmel Lasting Finish polishes "hot cocoa" & "steel grey"
-I am IN LOVE with both of these polishes! They are both cream finishes, which are my favorite kind. "Hot cocoa" is a nice rosey color and "steel grey" is a taupe/grey (& a dupe for sephora by OPI's metro chic). Both of these colors are purrrfect for fall. These polishes will be on my nails all the time!

thanks for reading
xoxo, kim

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Mascara

I guess you could say I have your typical "asian lashline" meaning they are short, sparse, and DO NOT hold curl very well. Mines aren't so sparse though, I'd say that I have the average amount. I have been looking (and am still looking) for a mascara that works with my lashes. I enjoy really black mascaras, that give lots of volume and length to my lashes.

My boyfriend got this mascara for me about 2 months ago. I tried it a few times, and didn't like it at first so i shoved it in my mascara drawer. About a month ago, I picked it back up and gave it another try, and FELL IN LOVE! I don't know what the difference from then and now is, but i absolutely adore this mascara.
Since my lashes are already black, I need a really black mascara to make them pop! Of course I love the packaging, yellow&purple!!! The wand on this mascara is nice as well, big enough so it's easy to control, but not too big that it's hard to use on the lower lashes. This mascara gives me tons of volume, which is awesome! And it does make my lashes look longer as well.

DOWNSIDE: I've found one downside to this overall great mascara. It flakes! ahhhhhh!!! Not a lot, and I only notice it when I touch my lashes. Not too big of a problem for me, but just wanted to let you all know!

You can purchase this mascara at any drugstore and it's less than $10! Give it a try if you have similar lashes as mine, because i laaavvvv it!

thanks for reading,
xoxo kim