Saturday, August 20, 2011

lipstick swatches!

Hey girls! I just posted a video on all the lipsticks I own, and decided to do swatches on here so that you could see what the lipsticks actually look like. Hope you like!

*All swatches are from left to right

Cherish, Dubonnet, Girl About Town

MAC: Viva Glam V, Curiositease, Capricious

Revlon Matte: Strawberry Suede, Nude Attitude

LUSH It Started With A Kiss | WetNWild Natural Blend #105 | NYC lipstain: Smooch Proof

Loreal: Fairest Nude, Pink Lady |Rimmel: Spotlight Beige

NYX: Thalia, Iced Honey

WetNwild #901B, #903C, #904B

Color Design: Tempt Me, Designer Bloom

Have an amazing day! I will be doing a blush overview soon so subscribe to my youtube channel to know when it's up.

xoxo, Kim

Friday, April 15, 2011

Drugstore Favorites

Just a few of my favorites things from the drugstore. Hope you likey!

Loreal has to be my favorite eyeliner/mascara company. Especially their "carbon black" line.

Queen Helene "Mint Julep Masque" is a real good (and affordable) mask. Feels nice and smells minty, of course!

My favorite false eyelashes are by NYX. They come with adhesive (which I dont use) but the quality is amazing! I love the variation that they have as well.

I've been using Olay complete moisturizer for years now and it's definitely a holy grail item. Never will stop using this one!

Wet N Wild Mega Last lipsticks are really great! Lots of different colors and very nice color payoff. I want more of these!

My favorite nail polishes are by Sally Hansen. All collections are amazing, these are some of the colors I have. Very beautiful!

NYC bronzer in "Sunny" is probably my favorite drugstore bronzer. I like it because it's matte, and its about $2.99! What a deal right?

Thanks for reading!
xoxo, Kim

Thursday, April 14, 2011

MAC Haul

This haul is not from one trip from to MAC, but a few. I just decided to combine all of the products into one haul. Enjoy!

I needed a new powder foundation (studio fix) because I'm all out of my old one, and I've gotten a little bit tanner. The MUA at MAC helped me find my shade which ended up to be NC42.

I also decided to try one of their concealers for the first time. I got the select moisturecover concealer in NW25. So far I am loving it!

This is definitely my Spring/Summer lipstick! Isn't it gorgeous?!! I am absolutely in love with this, and I love pairing it with little to no eyeshadow and heavy eyeliner.

"Nymphette" is my first lipglass from MAC. I wanted this color because I can wear it over any lipstick! It is more beige-looking in person than in the picture.

Ahhh! I finally got my hands on "Amazon Princess" blush from the Wonder Woman collection. I am always impressed with MAC blushes, and this one is definitely very beautiful.

Hope you enjoyed!
xoxo, Kim

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March Favorites

Hello! These are my March favorites! I've been reaching for these products all this month, and have been enjoying them all. Hope you likey!

My eyebrow products, but my fave for March is the WetnWild brow/eye pencil in taupe. It's waxy and I use it as a base for my brows.

E.L.F clarifying pressed powder in Honey. Layer this under my MAC studio fix powder to match my skin.

NYX HD high def eye shadow base. I enjoy the consistency and staying power of shadow's put on top of it.

Revlon Colorstay mineralized blush in Roseberry. Nice flush of color and has golden shimmer.

Lush Maple Taffy lip balm. Smells sweet like syrup, keeps my lips moisturized for a couple hours.

Coral Colours bronzer in Winter. I use this on the backs of my cheekbones to add a golden glow.

Lush Coconut deodorant. I love the sweet & nutty smell of this powder. I use it on my arms over lotion.

Hope you liked my March favorites, and I absolutely recommend for all of you to try these products out. Have a happy April!

xoxo, kim

Friday, March 11, 2011

LUSH Giveaway!

So I am doing a LUSH giveaway on my YouTube channel! Theses products are from the 2010 Winter collection and most of them are limited edition and very difficult to get now. If any of you want to enter, please visit my channel and subscribe!

Rules are simple:
1. You must be a subscriber of mine
2. Ages 18 and older. (I will need parental consent for anyone under 18)
3. U.S residents only

What I want is for you to comment the giveaway video telling me what your lucky charm is!

Have fun with this guys and good luck to everyone!

Tsunami Warning

The 8.9 earthquake in Japan that happened about three hours ago led to a tsunami warning for the state of Hawaii right now (10:56pm) and it is scheduled to come around 3am. Should I blow up my floaties just in case? lol. Lucky thing is I live pretty high up and hopefully (cross fingers) will not be in any danger zone. I am currently watching the news and seeing live feed and video from Japan and it is so unreal! It saddens me to see them go through all of these horrible things. On another note I'm definitely praying for everyone there and everyone who is/may be affected. A lot of other countries have possible tsunami warnings going on and my prayers are with my family in the Philippines, my cousin in Korea, and family here on Maui who are not with me. I hope that everything will be okay for everyone and no one else will be hurt by this. Take care everyone :)

Monday, February 28, 2011

My February in a nutshell

I apologize(again) for the lack of posts. February has been a great month for me! It was mine and my boyfriend's 2 year anniversary on February 7th, but we didn't get to celebrate since I had to work that night. That's fine though, gotta make that money some how!

Then there was Valentines day; I got my hair done that morning by the lovely Gabriella from Soleil Luna! Nothing too intense, I added a blue streak into my hair and I LOVE it! Then I headed over to Kihei to pickup Mj and we planned on having lunch in Paia but the weather looked bad so we ended up having lunch at one of my fave spots; GENKIS! We watched Just Go With It after; I enjoyed that movie! Maybe I was a little biased because most of it was filmed here on Maui, but it was enjoyable anyway. We missed our reservation for Sansei's so ended up getting take-out from Outback (I didnt't complain, love it there too).

Okay, so anyways.. I have been working like crazy for the past 2 weeks! I'm not complaining about it, I can't wait for my next paycheck! But the weird thing is, I haven't even been on the computer in forever either! I'm a lazy bugger thats why. BUT I will post more, I have a lot to talk about, I just need the time to tell you! Till then, stay well!
xoxo, Kim

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Beauty By Button :)

I want you all to check out my makeup bestie Leah's new beauty blog! She refuses to do youtube video's right now, but wanted to be in the beauty community in some way. I absolutely LOVE her blog; beauty, favorites, lovely lush news! She's beautiful, and I will keep trying to convince her to make youtube video's, but for now her blog is bomb! Please check her out and if you like it (i know you will) then please follow her. Thanks girls :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I sound like a frog

So, I lost my voice. I don't even know how it happened, but I woke up one day with a sore throat. I brushed it off and it went away a couple hours later. The next day I woke up sounding like a croak; my voice was cracking like nobody's business. Kinda funny really, I enjoy my voice when it's lost, I get a real crack outta it (: I had work that night, and felt horrible because for custies to hear me I literally had to yell, my voice was as weak as I am (very week indeed) -__- I really wanted to film a review video for a new shower gel (its raining men; my l/e fave) and maybe another tutorial for you, but nooooo. I didn't want to sound like a frog in videos! My voice is slowly coming to, but I find myself coughing every few minutes, rawr. Hopefully I get well soon, I've done some home remedies (like sucking on ginger, don't recommend it) like honey, coconut water, etc. but I think only time will heal me. Once I get better I will film, but for now blogging is good. until next time!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

puppy love

So I don't know if you all watch my youtube videos, but a couple video's ago I posted a tag featuring my new puppy Bully. As you may know I do have my other puppy Zara, but she is staying at the bf's house. Bully is here with me because the vet said we shouldn't expose him to other puppies until he has all of his vaccinations. It's been about a month and a half that he's been with me (in my room no less) and boy it's been a whirlwind! Don't get me wrong, I adore him; having someone to come home to and him jumping on me and licking my face and stuff. It's a joy and I love his company, I've wanted my own puppy for sooo long! I love to buy him toys and playing with him on the floor, I guess I get somewhat of a workout too, which I'm not complaining about.
The thing is though, it is REALLY HARD! Bully stays in my bathroom, mainly because the weather has been crap, haha. It is a lot easier to clean up my bathroom rather than the balcony. He is growing super duper fast and can reach the toilet paper roll! I came home to it half chewed up today -__- and little bits of it all over the floor. I enjoy that he is somewhat potty-trained though! Makes things much easier. Did I mention he's a pitbull? They are known to be real aggressive but I'd say they are one of the most loving. Bully IS aggressive indeed, which makes things hard. A part of me thinks he growls and barks at me because in his mind it's his way of playing, but the other part knows he's pissed for some reason or other. I have way to many scratches on my arms and legs, and he just recently attacked my face! We were playing, so I can say he didn't mean to do it (i hope), but he jumped up and nearly ate my eye! Well, maybe not that dramatic, but I'm left with a scratch under my right eye.