Saturday, October 9, 2010

something i've been enjoying

For months and months my boyfriend has been going fishing, I myself always thought of fishing as a real bore and waste of time. It wasn't until about a month ago when I started getting curious on why my boyfriend enjoyed it so much. I asked him if I could go fishing with him and I must say, the first time we went I again made the conclusion that this wasn't for me.

Then we went a second time, and this trip totally changed my aspect of fishing (these pics are from the 2nd trip). I think it was because of the change of location. The spot we went to this time was near some condo's, and the beach was very calm and serene. A lot of people say the waiting is the hardest part, but to me, its the best part! It's the time I have to spend with my boyfriend, time for good conversations, for laughs.

I am very much looking forward to many more fishing trips with my boo. We actually went "whipping" last week and little ole me caught 2 fish (woohoo!). This is a new hobby, and something to do with the boyfriend. Any time with him, is a good time :)

xoxo, kim

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