Tuesday, January 25, 2011

puppy love

So I don't know if you all watch my youtube videos, but a couple video's ago I posted a tag featuring my new puppy Bully. As you may know I do have my other puppy Zara, but she is staying at the bf's house. Bully is here with me because the vet said we shouldn't expose him to other puppies until he has all of his vaccinations. It's been about a month and a half that he's been with me (in my room no less) and boy it's been a whirlwind! Don't get me wrong, I adore him; having someone to come home to and him jumping on me and licking my face and stuff. It's a joy and I love his company, I've wanted my own puppy for sooo long! I love to buy him toys and playing with him on the floor, I guess I get somewhat of a workout too, which I'm not complaining about.
The thing is though, it is REALLY HARD! Bully stays in my bathroom, mainly because the weather has been crap, haha. It is a lot easier to clean up my bathroom rather than the balcony. He is growing super duper fast and can reach the toilet paper roll! I came home to it half chewed up today -__- and little bits of it all over the floor. I enjoy that he is somewhat potty-trained though! Makes things much easier. Did I mention he's a pitbull? They are known to be real aggressive but I'd say they are one of the most loving. Bully IS aggressive indeed, which makes things hard. A part of me thinks he growls and barks at me because in his mind it's his way of playing, but the other part knows he's pissed for some reason or other. I have way to many scratches on my arms and legs, and he just recently attacked my face! We were playing, so I can say he didn't mean to do it (i hope), but he jumped up and nearly ate my eye! Well, maybe not that dramatic, but I'm left with a scratch under my right eye.

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  1. More more more!! I want more blog post! i love them and you have been gone for to long!