Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A day at Leah's house

I went over to Leah's house yesterday to hang out. It was a very fulfilling day; I did her makeup and also filmed it so i'll link it here when it goes up. But for now i'll put some pictures of the look.


I used her NYX palette for brown eyes, which obviously can be used on any eye color. The palette has different shades of purple, brown, and a really nice bright green. It also has variations of highlight colors, which is nice to change up your looks.

On Leah's cheeks is a bronzing powder by modelista, and on her lips is the wet&wild mega color lipstick in just peachy. She has nothing else on her face, isn't it amazing?

Now onto what this post is REALLY about! I haven't done anyone's nails for a LONG time, so i wanted her to be my guinea pig :P

As you can see i did a really simple cheetah print on all her toes, with a bright turquoise as a base. I love this combo because it really pops! And Leah loves it too, right Leah? haha. i used my black skinny brush nail polish to make half circles and dots and such. I think cheetah is the easiest style to do on your nails. You all should give it a try!

xoxo, kim


  1. I LOVE my nails!! Not sure about the other photos of me though!!! Thanks heaps!!

  2. Oh my gosh I love it I'm totally going to do this on my nails. I really like the bright makeup too!

  3. why thank you! its really easy, if/when you do it, send me a picture, i want to see!

  4. Found your blog thru Gab @ FutureBound. Lovin' the turquoise + leopard print polish. I must give that a try.

    xx Love & Aloha
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