Tuesday, July 6, 2010

what's on my face?

Guess who decided to make a video today?!?
me me me!!

So i was contemplating on what video to make today, when AHA! it hit me! Never filmed a face routine video, and why not this be the time to do it? I'm finally content with how my face routine for summer is, and since its basically summer all year round here in Hawaii, I don't believe it will change much. I do however have another routine, which I will do another video on as well. This one is the simpler of the two, so i put this up first. Enjoy!

Products used/mentioned:

LUSH color supplements- I used both ones with the yellow undertone, i love the consistency and coverage that these give me!

Foundation brush is from Walmart (no brand) but i love it! thanks boyfrann ;)
blends product in so well, love the finish it gives!

I used Espresso e/s by MAC and an angled brush to fill in my brows, then brushed through them with a spool tipped brush for a natural look

I'm a C4 in the MAC studio fix. I pretty much use it to set the color supp's, and for a little more coverage. This adorable kabuki is from Forever21! super soft!

On my cheeks i used Peaches blush by MAC, with a MAC 129 blush brush. This color gives my face a nice flushed glow. I think I use this blush almost everyday.

Here's my video on my face routine. See how i get the look!

xoxo, Kim

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